Onward, young people, leading against the foe all over America and the world today.

The Atlantic has a roundup of photos here from the stupendous turnout in Washington and also in London, Brazil, Berlin, New York, Houston, Philadelphia and more. Note the credit to AP’s Alex Brandon on top photo in the link of the horde. He’s a Little Rock native.

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The Times’ Brian Chilson has an album of his Little Rock march photos here.

Good crowd in Bentonville, too. (link is to a roundup of photos on a participant’s Facebook page) Among them are many of the Bentonville 600 who defied promise of punishment from the Autocratic Four on the School Board and walked out of local high schools on national protest day. They’ll have something to talk about in the mass D-hall planned after spring break. A ragtag band of counter-protesters including white supremacists were outnumbered as badly as they were out IQ’ed. Perhaps, maybe those polls that suggest even Arkansans favor common-sense gun regulation (even the late Antonin Scalia said it is constitutional) are onto something, no matter what you hear the typical legislator spout.

For what it’s worth, to borrow a song title: Something’s happening here.


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