The latest in the saga of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, a story with a number of Arkansas connections that this blog has followed: Arkansas Business reports that the paper’s current editor, J. Keith Moyer, has been named the newspaper’s publisher, replacing Craig Moon.

The backstory: The Review-Journal, once owned by Little Rock based Stephens Media, was secretively bought in late 2015 by right-wing plutocrat Sheldon Adelson, who promptly began dismantling the once well-regarded paper and turning it into his own personal mouthpiece. He installed Moon as his lackey in January of 2016. Moon’s work included scrubbing stories of negative reporting on Adelson.

Moyer will now take over the important work of being an errand boy for the megalomaniac Adelson. Moon will presumably cash out and “spend more time with his family” in Tennessee.

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