The Arkansas State Hospital psychological examiner and patient who disappeared together last week have been arrested in Clark County, Nevada.

On March 20, hospital employee Michelle Messer escorted patient Cory Chapin from the facility and to her personal vehicle, according to a police report. Before their departure, Messer apparently was questioned about providing contraband to Chapin.

Warrants were issued for both Messer and Chapin after the pair went missing.

This marks the second time Chapin has fled to Clark County, Nevada. Court records show he was originally committed to the State Hospital in 2015 after being charged with attempted kidnapping, drug possession and theft. Chapin fled the state while on a pass to visit his father in February 2016; he was then arrested in Las Vegas in October and readmitted to the psychiatric facility in November.

Perry Wyse, the police chief at the State Hospital, said in a statement that both Messer and Chapin are being detained at the Clark County Detention Center. Messer faces a misdemeanor charge of aiding an unauthorized departure of a state hospital patient and a felony charge of providing prohibited articles to a patient, Wyse said. Chapin will be returned to the State Hospital.

“The Arkansas State Hospital Police tracked Messer and Chapin to Las Vegas. Messer and Chapin were taken into custody around 8 a.m. (PDT) today, March 26, 2018, by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department,” Wyse wrote in an email.

Wyse provided an incident report that recounts the discovery of the contraband Chapin had in his possession, after which he and Messer slipped out of the building together:

On Tuesday March 20th 2018 I was dispatched to Unit C in reference to a Contraband. On Arrival I met with nursing staff who advised that a patient had informed them that patient Cory Chapin had contraband in his possession. Myself and staff then went to Chapin’s room to do a search when we made contact with Chapin we asked if he had anything on him that he wasn’t supposed to have he then reached in his pocket and gave us an electronic vaporizer and the oil to go with it. We then asked him if he had anything else he stated that he didn’t, I then advised him that we were going to search the room anyway just to be sure and if we found anything more criminal charges could be applied. Chapin then admitted to having more contraband. Officer Mays, Officer Langston and I then conducted a room search where we were able to find several contraband items. While conducting the investigation I asked Chapin where he got the items from and he stated that he received the items from a former employee named Ashley that was the nurse on unit C. Officer Mays was also tipped off by confidential witness that PSY. Examiner Michelle Messer was giving Chapin the items. At this time this is still an ongoing investigation.

Contraband list items are listed below
1 Cell Phone
1 Electronic Vaporizer
16 ( Approx.) Vapor bottles Approx.
3 Cell phone USB Power Banks
1 Ziploc bag with Approx. (21) Unknown Pills
5 USB Cords