Governor Hutchinson today announced that Arkansans can now register vehicles with the state online at Registration previously required a trip to the Revenue Office, which was a bummer. More than 643,000 vehicles were registered at offices throughout the state in 2017.

“We are proud to be among the first states to offer online vehicle registration,” the governor said in a statement. “Through this new service, Arkansans purchasing a new or used vehicle may conduct all follow-up business from the comfort of their own home. Today’s announcement is a strong example of our transformation efforts in action, improving the day-to-day lives of citizens.”


Those purchasing a vehicle will now be able to do the entire registration process online, including paying sales tax and purchasing a new plate or transfer an existing plate.

It is also possible to order a duplicate driver’s license through the site.


Some more information about the wonders of the internet from the governor’s press release:

This website was launched in January 2018, initially offering several new online services that previously required a trip to the Revenue Office, including the following:

Check Title Status Online – This service helps taxpayers check the status of their application for title.

Transfer Ownership – This service allows taxpayers to notify the Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) if they have sold their vehicle to another individual or to a dealer.
Print Duplicate Registration – This service allows taxpayers to print a duplicate registration online.

Estimated Sales Tax Calculator – This service allows taxpayers to calculate how much state tax they will owe for a vehicle before registration.

Pre-Registration for First-Time License or ID card – This will allow those obtaining a first-time license or ID card the opportunity to pre-register online, reducing time spent in the Revenue Office.

Enter Medical Information – This allows Commercial Drivers the opportunity to enter required medical information online

International Registration Plan – This allows a first-time IRP registrant to apply online.

Change of Address Notification – Arkansans may now update any change of address online. State law requires notification within 10 days of a change of address

Request Records – Allows for online request for records including a driver’s license status/clearance letter and a license reinstatement requirements letter