From the annals of inside baseball, ProPublica does a deep dive on Jason Foster, the Arkansas-born staffer for Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa (I can’t embed it but here’s a short video version on the ProPublica Facebook page).

Foster, the chief investigative counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee, has been at the center of various conspiracy-chasing wild goose chases investigating the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton. Now that a Republican is in the White House, he’s decided to devote his time instead to investigating the investigators, aiming to run interference on special counsel Robert Mueller, ProPublica reports:

For the last year, Foster — empowered by his boss, Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, the committee’s chairman — has been the behind-the-scenes architect of an assault on the FBI, and most centrally its role in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, according to interviews with current and former congressional aides, federal law enforcement officials and others.

In reporting on Foster, ProPublica discovered an anonymous blog from ten years back that Foster kept, using the handle “extremist,” while he working for Grassley on the Senate Finance Committee:

He warned of an Islamic takeover. He wrote that homosexuality was akin to incest. He questioned whether waterboarding really amounted to torture. He derided Obama’s proposal to negotiate with the Taliban, and was particularly galled that the president doing so had the middle name Hussein. Liberals? They were anti-American.

He even mused about whether Sen. Joseph McCarthy, condemned as a demagogue for his 1950s anti-Communist crusade, should be remembered more kindly. …

On the blog, one of Foster’s primary targets was Islam. He described Muhammad as a rapist and child abuser who had spawned “a religion that tends to lead large numbers of its followers to excuse the murder of innocents as God’s will.”

After the mayor of London spoke out against vilifying Muslim residents of the city in the wake of a foiled car bomb attack there, Foster labeled him a “Dhimmi” — a historic term that describes non-Muslims in Muslim-controlled lands.

While Foster acknowledged that most Muslims “are not terrorist sympathizers,” he referred to “the Islamic propensity for violence” and declared that “some cultures are better than others, no matter what the multicultural fetishists say.”

Foster told ProPublica that the old posts were “stupid and wrong” and the blog has been taken down. A Grassley spokesman said the office was unaware of the blog.


The blog posts do seem pretty stupid, although they sound more or less like what you’d expect from a young staffer who cut his teeth working for legendary kook Rep. Dan Burton of Indiana, as Foster did after graduating from Harding University and Georgetown Law.