A tipster sends along of a recording of a push poll that’s making the rounds in the 2nd District. It’s an over-the-top smear of state Rep. Clarke Tucker, widely seen as the frontrunner in the Democratic primary race to face incumbent U.S. Rep. French Hill.

The questions:

“Clarke Tucker is a Hillary Clinton-supporting Democrat who voted for more welfare, higher taxes and bigger governments. If Clarke Tucker won’t stand against liberals in Arkansas, he’ll never stand against Nancy Pelosi and liberals in Washington. Knowing this are you more likely or less likely to vote for Clarke Tucker?

… Tucker opposes the tax cut passed by Republicans and signed by President Trump, which doubles the child tax cut for families and is helping to create more jobs and higher wages for Arkansans.”

In a debate among the Democratic field last week, Tucker said he supported the middle-class tax relief the Trump tax plan provided, but noted, correctly, that by and large the GOP plan was a handout to the country’s largest corporations. He also talked about wanting to expand the federal earned income tax credit, a proven means for lifting people from poverty and a policy Republicans have supported in the past.