A group called the National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans has been working to rally gun rights supporters to attend rallies on Saturday at state capitols across the country, the Associated Press reports. A group called the Hiwaymen has secured a permit for a rally at the Arkansas Capitol, according to secretary of state spokesman Chris Powell.

“This is a very peaceful approach to a show of force,” David Clayton of West Virginia, one of the coalition’s founders, said. “What that means is we’re not going to go there looking for a fight. We’re saying, ‘Look at all the people gathered here. We have a voice too.’ ”

The Hiwaymen rallied to preserve a Confederate monument in Hot Springs last year shortly after the violent white supremacist rallies in Charlottesville. The Hot Springs rally was largely peaceful. About 50 people attended. 

Clayton said the coalition was encouraging ralliers to carry guns at the rallies — unloaded in states that don’t allow open carry. Whether Arkansas law allows for open carry is an unresolved legal question. But concealed carry permit holders, without an enhanced license, are not allowed to carry at state office or any place a parade or demonstration is happening.

On one of the Facebook pages for the rally, a supporter said the removal of the Confederate flag from public places was just the beginning of something that has become a pattern.

A few years ago when all of the controversy started about the Confederate Battle Flag, I told everyone that it was just the beginning. I even said it on the local news when I was interviewed.

A minority of people were offended and associated an object with a piece of crap who killed nine innocent people in a church in South Carolina.

Many who claimed to be FOR the 1st Amendment sided with the minority and still do over the battle flag.

Well, I was right. The battle flag was removed from everywhere except private homes.

I then said that they’ll come after our history next.

I was right again. The monuments to our ancestors, veterans, and leaders came down.

Now, because you and many others didn’t stand up for the flag nor the monuments and what they represented (a line in the sand), the minority has gained more power and is now wanting to take away your 2nd Amendment rights because a minority has associated an object (an AR15) with a piece of crap that killed 17 innocent students.


Do you not see a pattern here? Can you not see it? What’s next? Are you STILL going to turn a blind eye because you are scared of what others might think of you? Are you going to concede to them without a fight?”*

*The Facebook poster, Michael Fink, objected to us not including his complete post. It’s been added in full.