Scott Pruitt is not only the worst person to head the Environmental Protection Agency, given that he sees no reason not to defile the environment, he’s also the weirdest. What is he afraid of?

He says he has to fly first class for security reasons. He has an around-the-clock security detail force of 20. He has biometric locks on his office, and he wants a bulletproof vehicle.

Then there’s the soundproof phone booth he’s got installed in his office to the tune of $43,000. Who’s he talking to, what’s he saying, that he needs a soundproof phone booth? It’s comical — sort of. And, the Washington Post reports, its installation was illegal, the Governmental Accounting Office (the one Trump wants to get rid of) has informed lawmakers.

(Republicans like to go first class. See the $31,561 dining room furniture in HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s office. Taxpayers paid that tab, too.)


Pruitt said he needs the booth to talk to White House officials. No previous EPA leader has, however — but then no previous EPA administrator has been so tight with the oil industry.