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Drug companies distributed nearly 900 million opioid pills in Arkansas between 2006 and 2012

More than 76 billion oxycodone and hydrocodone pills were distributed across the country between 2006 and 2012, according to a bombshell report this week from the Washington Post. That includes more than 894 million pills in Arkansas.

Dean Kumpuris shares concerns about city's future in letter to board and mayor

In a six-page letter sent by Dean Kumpuris to the board of directors, the longtime at-large director shared concern about the process for policy making on the board, the future of funding for the city's parks, the board's role in the city's school system, sources of economic development and the impact of Prevention, Intervention and Treatment programs on Little Rock's youth.

If You Don't Love It, Leave It--Beebe edition

Beebe News editor tells citizens to move to Searcy or Cabot if they don't approve of the mayor and city council.

Boa constrictor on the loose in Van Buren County

A Van Buren man has asked for assistance locating his pet Colombian red-tailed boa constrictor after it escaped from his home in Shirley, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission reports, via a press release.

Federal court set to hear arguments Monday in challenge to state abortion bans and restrictions

A federal court will hear arguments on Monday in a case brought by the ACLU and Planned Parenthood challenging state laws that ban or restrict abortions. 

Thursday's headlines and open line

Two dead, including sheriff's deputy, after shooting in Stone County; Arkansas Racing Commission delays decision on Gulfside Casino appeal; County judge hears Walmart’s gimmick to slash its Pulaski County property tax bill; Wesley Pruden, longtime Washington Times editor with Arkansas roots, dies & former Arkansas Times art director, Jason Ho, has become a reality star in Vietnam.

U.S. House passes bill to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour

The U.S. House of Representatives today passed a bill 231-199 to increase the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Arkansas Racing Commission delays decision on Gulfside Casino appeal

At a meeting on Wednesday morning, the Arkansas Racing Commission delayed a decision on the appeal of Gulfside Casino Partnership, whose application to build a casino in Pope County was rejected by the Commission in June, along with those of 4 other applicants, because none of the applicants had letters of support from current government officials.

Trump lies about "send her back" chant

Trump lies. Dog bites man. The president, as is his wont, showed his typical sniveling contempt for the American people, telling yet another lie today obviously contradicted by video evidence. 
Image of Walmart sign

County judge hears Walmart's gimmick to slash its Pulaski County property tax bill

The D-G reports on the first day of a huge case, almost certain to eventually wind up at the Arkansas Supreme Court, as Walmart aims to cut its Pulaski County property tax bill by $4.5 million.

Democrats Bell and Smith announce state candidacies

Two Arkansas Democrats have announced candidacies for a pair of key state districts in the D’s uphill quest to retake the state House or Senate.

Two dead, including sheriff's deputy, after shooting in Stone County

A Stone County sheriff's deputy and one other person died after a shooting took place this morning near the Van Buren County line, state police said.