Giving you the Arkansas Times takes a lot of time and money. As a free publication, we’ve relied on our advertisers to keep a great weekly newspaper in print and online. Advertising has sustained the Times for the 44 years we’ve been in business. But in this financial climate, most advertising dollars are going to Facebook and Google. They alone have sucked up 73 percent of all digital revenue in 2017, according to the research firm Pivotal — and their share of that pie is only growing.

We still matter to advertisers: We sell a significant amount of print and digital advertising. Our many platforms — not just print and web, but podcasts, a daily news video, enewsletters, and social media platforms — remain an outstanding way for businesses to reach new customers. (Learn more at We’ve also gotten into the events business, hosting, among others, annual margarita and craft beer festivals and bus trips to the King Biscuit Blues Festival.


But now, to sustain our weekly publication and online presence, we need you.

In 2014, we asked readers to bear a share of our costs. We explained that we had become a daily website with a print edition with an editorial staff that spent much of its time working on the website. We told you that we devote considerably more of our budget to our editorial staff than our peers in the weekly press across the country because Times founder and publisher Alan Leveritt has always been mission-driven. We told you we were putting our popular Arkansas Blog behind a metered paywall and asked you to subscribe to it. Around a thousand of you did and that’s been a financial boon to us ever since.


But about 350,000 people come to every month. If we’re to continue to produce the aggressive journalism you’ve come to expect from us, we need support from more readers. That’s why today, we adjusted our metered paywall. In doing so, we are adopting a strategy that many publications must use to stay in business.

Our paywall now covers all of aside from the homepage. Readers will be able to see three articles or posts for free in a month. But to see more, readers will have to subscribe. The subscription price will not increase: It will remain at $9.99 per month or $110 per year.


We’re sweetening the deal for a limited time only. For new annual subscribers or current subscribers who want to extend their subscription by a year, we’ll provide a fully loaded pass to cultural events. That includes:

A one-year Arkansas Symphony Orchestra concert membership (one free ticket to every ASO regular season concert), a value of $108.

Three tickets to the Museum of Discovery, a value of $30.

Two tickets to the Little Rock Zoo, a value of $20.


Two tickets to the Arkansas Arts Center’s Children’s Theatre, a value of $25.

To subscribe to the Arkansas Times and get unfettered access to some of the best reporting and writing in Arkansas, go to and choose a plan.

If you’re already an annual subscriber, but want to extend for a year and get the free passes, head to, fill out your info (don’t forget to to check the box indicating you want your free passes!) and we’ll get them in the mail to you.

Want to purchase a subscription for someone else as a gift? Head over to our gift a subscription page.

Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting the Arkansas Times!

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