Keeping Our Promise from Nicole Clowney for Arkansas on Vimeo.

Since many of the primaries we cover are of the small choice in rotten apples variety, how about a peek at a blue island in the red sea. The race for House District 86 features two impressive candidates, University of Arkansas professor Nicole Clowney and Fayetteville City Council member Mark Kinion. They’re vying for the Fayetteville-area seat vacated by Rep. Greg Leding, who is running for Senate.

Clowney — who teaches classical studies at the U of A, previously worked as an attorney for a nonprofit law firm specializing in children’s issues, and was a founding member of the Northwest Arkansas chapter of Moms Demand Action — just released the video above.


Kinion, meanwhile, also offers an impressive progressive platform:

Lots more details at the links on his site.

He also runs a sort of periodic blog on his site with good, informative posts about issues like Medicaid work requirements, food stamps, guns on campus, etc.

Here’s Clowney’s site.

Be nice to have both of them in the legislature. I could think of a few reps elsewhere who are imminently replaceable.