The Sheridan Headlight reports that Rusty Draper received a life sentence Wednesday in Grant County Circuit Court for the 2017 murder of 17-year-old Austin Moody, a junior at Sheridan High School.

He was sentenced following a plea agreement that reduced an original capital murder charge to first-degree murder. The sentence doesn’t allow for parole. Only clemency could shorten the sentence.

Earlier reporting by Byron Tate of the Headlight detailed how it’s believed Draper began stalking Moody after Moody began dating a young woman who’d previously dated his son.

In pleading, Draper said he’d lied to police originally when  he said he was at work when Moody was shot. He said he shot Moody in the head with a .357 Smith and Wesson revolver after drinking for a time in a cemetery near Moody’s home.