U.S. Rep. Rick Crawford did Donald Trump’s bidding yesterday by telling Frank Lockwood of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that Robert Mueller’s investigation was an expensive waste of time and should be brought to a close.

This is the best talking point the Trump forces can muster as Mueller systematically uncovers rot throughout the Trump ranks.

In a remark stunning for its obtuseness even for Crawford, the D-G reported:

“We’re up here trying to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars, and this $10 million investigation has not yielded anything productive,” Crawford said.

For context, some specifics lacking from the D-G account, courtesy of the Washington Post:


“To date, Mueller’s team has brought more than 100 criminal counts against 19 different individuals. In four cases, the individuals pleaded guilty before the charges were made public. Thirteen of the individuals are Russian nationals involved in efforts to influence the 2016 election through social media. Four of the individuals facing or pleading to charges worked for or with Trump’s campaign team.”

More details here for any who find it productive to prosecute people for violation of federal law. And all this in a year, with new reporting that Paul Manafort’s son-in-law is the next “witch” expected to enter a guilty plea in this hunt for wrongdoing. Another relevant bit of context: Kenneth Starr’s Whitewater persecution persisted for six years at a cost six or seven times what Mueller has spent.

Read the D-G for more complaints from Crawford about the unfairness of the investigation.
 PS: I liked this comment on Twitter about the new attack on the costliness of Mueller’s work:


Cost of Mueller’s investigation: $3,200,000

Benghazi “investigation”: $7,000,000

Trump’s golfing trips: $83,000,000

New debt from Republican tax bill:$1,500,000,000,000