Defeated candidates have all expressed support for Clarke Tucker, winner of the Democratic primary for 2nd District Congress.

Gwen Combs, the Little Rock teacher who finished second  in the four-way race, issued a statement:


The Gwen Combs for Congress campaign is thrilled to have started a grassroots movement here in Arkansas’s 2nd Congressional District with virtually no money. We are proud to have spent less than $4 per vote in our federal campaign. That’s less than 10% of the $44 per vote that was spent in the midterm primary in Arkansas in 2014.

Our mission has always been about Arkansans. Though we did not win the race, we feel that it is crucial to support the Democratic nominee, Rep. Clarke Tucker. It’s clear that our current administration will do nothing to protect everyday Arkansans. They’ve shown this through legislation, by rolling back regulations that protect us, and through demonstrating a willingness to turn a blind eye to the corruption that unfolds daily within the Trump administration.

Combs backs Rep. Tucker and thanks her supporters

“I am overwhelmingly proud of our authentically grassroots campaign. The results of this race proved that so many people are motivated to make waves of change right here in Arkansas! It gives me great hope for our future. I am grateful for every person who voiced their support for this campaign and to those who voted for me. I would like to commend the other candidates for running campaigns focused on the strengths they brought to the table, and I send my best wishes to Clarke as he works toward victory in November.”

Earlier today on Facebook, third-place finisher Paul Spencer said:

Congratulations to Clarke Tucker on his primary win. I look forward to supporting this fine man as he and his team work towards a November victory.


The fourth candidate, Jonathan Dunkley, about 35 minutes ago on Facebook was not quite so warm :


I want to thank everyone in this district, state and country for their support! This is #OurStory. Gwen Combs for Arkansas ran an inspiring, spirited race and should be proud! Paul Spencer for Congress is a respectable earnest public servant who I’m glad to call a friend. Unfortunately he was correct about the undue influence of money in our political system. I wish Clarke Tucker the best of luck in November.

Tucker will face incumbent Republican Rep. French Hill in the fall. Joe Swafford is also seeking the office as a Libertarian.