An Arkansas taxpayer who now lives in another state writes to say her state income tax return, accepted April 9, still hasn’t produced the expected refund six weeks later.

I asked Scott Hardin at the Department of Finance and Administration about it. His reponse:

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In order to address the new technology that those committing fraud are utilizing, we implemented additional safeguards this year to our return process. As efforts to fraudulently file returns increase, we are taking every step possible to ensure Arkansans are protected. For example, if we see that a return was submitted from an overseas computer in an area that has been a source of fraudulent returns in the past, we automatically take another look at it, cross-checking the information they provided, etc. For the majority of returns, Arkansans should still receive their return in the same time frame they have in past years. In some cases, due to these new safeguards, it may take an extra day to two days for us to process a return. We now have a tool where Arkansans may check the status of a refund ( If requested, this tool sends an alert when the refund is processed/complete. Regarding the individual you mentioned below, I would encourage her to give us a call at 501-682-1100 and let us take a look into it to determine why it’s not arrived.