The NFL today adopted a rule providing for fines for teams whose players don’t stand for the National Anthem.

Each team may adopt individual rules for players, who may remain in locker rooms until after the anthem is played. No fines were set for players.


The beauty of speech is that it is just about impossible to squelch. The teams have colluded to deprive Colin Kaepernick of a job for setting in motion this controversy, but they certainly haven’t silenced him. As long as there’s systemic racism and police brutality in America, I expect protests will continue, no matter how hard the authoritarians like football team owners and politicians work to suppress them.

UPDATE: I’m guessing we shouldn’t expect similar from Rose City’s Jerry Jones:


The chairman of the New York Jets said he will pay the fines for players on his team who protest during the national anthem, hours after the NFL announced a new policy penalizing players who do so.

Jets chairman Christopher Johnson told Newsday that he never wants “to put restrictions on the speech of our players.”