Jarvis Webb, 26, a parole officer on the Community Correction Department‘s special response team, was taken into custody by Pine Bluff police May 12 after shooting a man he said drew a gun on him during an argument.

Records indicate Webb was booked on a first-degree battery charge, but Dina Tyler, spokesman for the Community Correction Department, said a formal charge was not filed. She said the department had decided Webb fired in self-defense and thus was eligible to continue to work. She noted officers are allowed to carry their departmental weapons outside work hours. I’ve been unable to reach a prosecutor in Pine Bluff for their account of resolution of the case.

The Pine Bluff police report said that Webb had reported his .40-caliber Glock was “possibly stolen from his vehicle” around the time of the shooting, shortly before 4 a.m. Saturday, May 12 at an apartment parking lot on Laurel Street.

The police quoted Webb as saying he shot Cameron Honorable, 28, after he “pulled a gun on him and his homeboy.” Officers apparently didn’t find a gun on Honorable, who was hospitalized with an unspecified injury. Webb told officers someone had taken the gun and put it on the ground nearby. Offices subsequently found a weapon on the ground. They also took a gun Webb was wearing in a holster. He said he’d put the gun he used to shoot Holcomb in his vehicle, but it  wasn’t found after officers used a key to search the impounded vehicle. Later, Webb said the weapon must have been stolen.

In the initial police report, Webb is quoted as saying he was talking to a friend when Holcomb walked over and became argumentative. He said Honorable had placed a gun on steps on the parking lot. “Mr. Webb stated Mr. Honorable continued to cause a scene. Mr. Webb stated Mr. Honorable went back to retrieve the gun, picked the gun up, and pointed the gun at him [and] his friend. Mr. Webb stated at that time he shot Mr. Honorable.”

Webb said he had had altercations with Holcomb and his family over a period of years.

Tyler of the Correction Department said they were treating this as a personnel matter because it involved a departmental weapon (now missing). She said a departmental review continues in part because Webb was drinking alcohol while in possession of his weapon. She said it was his birthday and he was celebrating by barbecuing on a parking lot with friends when Holcomb approached him. She said Webb knew Holcomb because of dealings with a family member.

Tyler said Webb would continue on the job until completion of the departmental review, which awaits a final report from the Pine Bluff police. By her account, Webb said Holcomb had “racked” his gun and pointed it. She said another man picked up the gun Holcomb had and started running. Ordered to stop and drop the gun, he dropped the gun but didn’t stop running, Tyler said. Webb said he’d placed the department gun in the car after firing it three times and got a backup weapon, the one he was wearing when police arrived.

I’ve been unable so far to get a report on Holcomb’s condition. Tyler said she understood he’d been shot in the neck.