The Business Roundtable bought an expensive full-page ad in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette today praising Republican Rep. French Hill for his work on “tax reform.”

Two things: 1) consider the source and 2) the Republicans are nervous about Democratic challenger Clarke Tucker, the state representative from Little Rock.

What is the Business Roundtable?

It’s a group of conservative CEOs of the country’s largest corporations formed in 1972. They love tax cuts. Maybe you’ve read that tax reform hasn’t trickled down much in job creation and pay increases, but it has spurred billions of dollars of stock buybacks by major corporations.

What else does the Business Roundtable like?

Reduced regulation.

Tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy.

A lack of stockholder accountability in corporate governance.

Tax cuts for the wealthy.

Excessive executive pay.

Tax cuts for the wealthy.

They also love Citizens United, which allows unlimited corporate spending on thinly disguised electioneering aimed at electing their kind, such as banker French Hill, who’s looked after their agenda. You may recall that Tucker has said he supported middle-class tax cuts, but thought the legislation gave away too much to people at the top end.

I’m wondering if the Farm Bureau will be weighing in on the wonders of Donald Trump and his enablers in Congress. Why do I wonder? Well, consider this in the Washington Post today about the whammy thrown on farmers by dropping prices, higher interest rates and the potential impact of a trade war.