40/29 reports on the arrests of a Springdale couple in a murder-for-hire plot to kill a local judge. An undercover officer posed as a hitman to snare them.

The plot unfolded when a Benton County jail inmate, Dorris Jenkins reportedly asked someone if they knew anyone who’d take out a judge, specifically Circuit Judge Brad Karren. When the two were released, the informant introduced Jenkins to her “brother,” actually an undercover cop. At a taped conversation at a motel that included her fiance, Adan Taylor, Jenkins allegedly offered a tablet, a sound bar then in a pawn shop and a photograph of Marilyn Monroe to do the job. An arrest soon followed.


Jenkins said that Judge Karren has been arresting her family since 1997. She told the “brother” she had a list of about 15 people she wanted killed. The “brother” said that was very expensive, so Jenkins cut her list down to two.

A person by the same name, Dorris Jenkins, has several court cases pending, including one before Karren, some related to meth charges.