State Rep. Warwick Sabin today made official what he’s been doing for months, running for Little Rock mayor.

He and others have styled their campaigning as “exploratory” to get around a delayed start for fund-raising in city ordinance. Frank Scott, Baker Kurrus and Vincent Tolliver have also said they are running to succeed Mark Stodola, who isn’t seeking re-election.


Sabin statement:

….Sabin believes his record of getting results along with his new ideas and new energy is what Little Rock needs in its next mayor.

“For the past year I visited with people across our city, and they shared their desire for bold leadership that gets results for Little Rock. The possibilities for our future are endless, but Little Rock has been standing still for too long, and we need new energy and new ideas to fulfill our potential. My vision for Little Rock begins with a commitment to become a more inclusive city that works for all of its citizens – not only the select few. We must do more to keep our families safe from crime. Little Rock should be a city that attracts businesses of all sizes and jobs that keep families here. Students across Little Rock deserve access to a world-class education, and our public schools need local leadership to guide them. That’s why I’m announcing my campaign for Mayor of Little Rock.”

Sabin is focused on creating positive change to address all of the challenges facing Little Rock. “When it comes to crime, Little Rock must do better. The statistics tell part of the story. Homicides, aggravated assaults, and total violent crimes were at a 10-year-high in 2017. Behind those numbers are real people. As I’ve visited neighborhoods throughout our city, I’ve heard far too many stories of lives disrupted or destroyed by crime. Fighting crime starts with strong city leadership that takes an innovative and collaborative approach to enforcement and prevention.”

“It’s impossible to talk about jobs and economic vitality without discussing public education. The foundation of a city’s ability to attract, retain, and grow thriving businesses is an educated and well-prepared workforce. Which is why Little Rock’s city leadership, starting with the Mayor, has to be fully engaged and committed to providing a world-class education to everyone.”

Sabin’s record speaks to his distinct ability to work across party lines at all levels of government. “As a State Representative, I worked with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to get real results that have improved the lives of all Arkansans. I fought to strengthen our state’s ethics laws, improve our public schools, and bring more jobs and economic development to our state. My passion for getting real results is also evident in my career. I founded the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub—a cutting-edge resource that supports those who want to create new businesses, invent new products, and acquire new job skills. I helped revitalize the SOMA neighborhood, which has brought new energy and new jobs to the downtown area. I’m proud of my record of getting real results, and as Little Rock’s next mayor, I’m excited about what we can accomplish together.”