Funny stuff underway on convicted felon Jon WoodsWikipedia page. Currently, no mention can be found there that he was convicted of taking kickbacks in the Eccelsia College scandal. Lots of mention of the supposed conflicts of people involved in his prosecution.

Thanks to Autumn Tolbert for the tip.


The Wikipedia entry does get around to mentioning the charge filed against Woods, then detailing all the indignities he suffered at the hands of the judge and FBI.  But before you get to even a mention of the charge:

He also produced the first record for the popular geek rock band, “The Plaid Jackets,” which featured the international hit song, “Adam West is Batman”, a reference to actor Adam West and the ABC television series Batman[1] The selection is featured on West’s documentary, Starring Adam West, which premiered at the Napa Valley Film Festival in 2013.[2] He is the bass guitarist for the rock band, A Good Fight, which had their music on several reality shows on MTV and a song featured on Sony PlayStation’s MLB 13: The Show.[3]

And there’s so much more: He was an Eagle Scout. A delegate to Boys State. A lifeguard at the community pool.  Member of the honorary order of Kentucky Colonels. The location of his name on the sidewalk with names of UA graduates. His use of CPR on a Capitol visitor. The entry also touts his legislative achievements, curiously omitting details of legislation he shepherded that lengthened term limits, opened the door to legislative pay raises and left a loophole for lobbyist entertaining of legislators.


His conviction? You’ll have to go to another source for that. No update on Wikipedia either for additional allegations of Woods’ misconduct in lobbyist Rusty Cranford’s guilty plea.

You can go to this link to see the numerous editing changes on the entry.


An old cliche comes to mind, restated: Try though they might, the losers are rarely able to write the history. Except maybe on Wikipedia.

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