A long-planned redevelopment on Kavanaugh Boulevard is on the list of agenda items for the June 19 meeting of the Little Rock Board of Directors. It will create a restaurant and park on the site of a former garage at Kavanaugh and Beechwood.

I reported last year that Stephens Inc. executive Doug Martin had bought the former Helmich garage and an office-zoned house divided into apartments behind it for redevelopment with a restaurant and a park-like space akin to the original Shake Shack in a New York City park. Things have moved slowly, but they’ve moved.


The redevelopment plan by Martins’ Little Giddings LLC has received Planning Commission approval and awaits final clearance from the City Board, which isn’t expected to be controversial. From the writeup:

The overall goal is to utilize the two (2) properties to support a proposed restaurant and create a small park at the corner of Beechwood Street and Kavanaugh Boulevard to be shared by the neighborhood and restaurant.

The former gas station/auto service building, 1,167 square feet, will remain and an addition of 1,357 square feet will be constructed south to the property line/right of way at Kavanaugh Boulevard. This will result in 2,524 square feet of conditioned space. In addition, there will be 1,065 square feet of covered outdoor areas for a total footprint under roof of 3,589 square feet. The existing asphalt between the building and the west corner will be removed and replaced with porous surfaces and landscaping. If found allowable through the design process, a gate and parking spot for a food truck, for special occasions, is being considered near thecorner at Beechwood and Kavanaugh Boulevard.

The office zoned structure north of Helmich at 703 Beechwood Street will be removed to provide parking. …

The new addition design and materials will relate to the neighborhood and adjacent commercial buildings. The new addition will have a 0-foot setback along Kavanaugh Boulevard and will be built to the sidewalk/property line. 

The Times reported in April that the Fountain’s Daniel Bryant and Brandon Brown, who ran the late Hillcrest Artisan Meats, will be operating the restaurant.


Site plan here.