Blue Hog Report has been taking a look into Rep. Bob Ballinger’s side work as lawyer and, among others, closing agent for a piece of property purchased by the scandal-marred Ecclesia College, enriched at the time by money guided to it by friendly legislators such as, who else, Bob Ballinger.

Ballinger, you may recall, also is thick with some folks who coincidentally finished in the top five of applications for medical marijuana cultivation permits based on scoring by five commissioners who included Ballinger’s law partner Travis Story. 

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Ballinger recently knocked off Sen. Bryan King in his re-election bid. King, who’ll win no charm contest, got edged out despite raising questions about Ballinger’s ethical compass. King, for whatever else you can say about him, bulldogged questionable spending on the audit committee, including some pivotal work that helped send Martha Shoffner to prison and blew open the GIF scandal that is going to send still more to a federal lockup.

David Ramsey had written earlier about Ballinger’s Ecclesia connection. Now Blue Hog Report has dug deeper still. He’s suspicious of ol‘ Bob. He piles up financial disclosure statements, real estate documents and other bits of circumstantial evidence to put a big question mark on the matter.