State Rep. Clarke Tucker, the Democratic candidate for 2nd District Congress, has hit the air with ads striking back at Republican Rep. French Hill’s barrage of ads linking Tucker to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, whom Tucker has said he would not support for leadership.

 Says Tucker:

“If Congressman Hill starts his campaign by attacking me with a tired Washington talking point that he knows isn’t true, what does that tell you about his record?” Tucker said. “This race is not about national politicians, it’s about our families and our future here in Arkansas. That’s been my focus in the state legislature the last four years, that’s our focus in this campaign, and that will be my priority in U.S. Congress. No more politics of the past.”

Disclosure: As I’ve mentioned periodically, I have numerous ties to Clarke Tucker. His father and I were college classmates. His mother was a law clerk for my wife.  friends. I’ve known Clarke since he was a child. My wife is a financial supporter of the Tucker campaign.  Also: My philosophical disagreements with French Hill are many and long-standing, beginning at least four years ago in his defeat of Pat Hays for the seat.