The reality TV presidency today: A lawsuit against the Trump Foundation; the long-awaited report on the FBI’s Clinton investigation, and plenty of tweets:

* The New York attorney general has sued the Trump Foundation for self-dealing and use of money to promote Trump’s presidential campaign. It is, he tweets, just vengeful politics by loser Democrats.


* The FBI inspector general apparently has found no political bias in handling of the Hillary Clinton e-mail probe, though it does say then-Director James Comey deviated from procedures in a way that left ill appearances. That’ll be enough for Trump to make hay. Indeed, some FBI agents’ personal texting should keep him Tweeting for months.

* Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, is expected to be sent to jail following a bail revocation hearing over allegations of witness tampering.  Another Democratic putup job, Trump will say.


Survey says 37 percent of the U.S. are with Trump on all these issues. 110 percent with him. MAGA. Even if that includes saluting a North Korean military officer. IIOHDT. Imagine if Obama had done that.