City Director Erma Hendrix’s proposed ordinance to eliminate the three at-large director seats on the 10-member Little Rock City Board has been deferred for consideration until July 2.

It has been scheduled for consideration Tuesday. Her proposal would continue direct election of a mayor and ward election, by plurality, of seven directors. There are currently seven ward representatives and three at-large members (Dean Kumpuris, Joan Adcock and Gene Fortson), elected by the city as a whole. As written, the city would retain city manager government. More changes would be required to produce a pure mayor-council government.


The ordinance would refer the proposal to voters.

I asked Hendrix about the delay. She wrote back:


An answer, to the question.

Because, the “devil” is in the “detail.” Stay tuned.

Hendrix said she’s motivated by racial discrimination in city government. Three of the 10 directors are black. All the at-large directors are white.

The odds of her mustering six votes for passage are poor. But the discussion has some merit amid continuing interest in some quarters for a change in city government.