Brad Hendricks, a Little Rock lawyer who’s contributed $500,000 to efforts to defeat Issue 1, the negligent nursing home protection amendment, has an offer of interest on his law firm’s Facebook page.

It responds to some talking points by the corporate voices spending millions to pass Issue 1, which would seize control of  court rule-making for a corruptible legislature; limit attorney fees; devalue human life, and wreck jury trial guarantees for the wrongs of negligent nursing home, malpracticing doctors and corporate outlaws.

The Issue One advocates say the amendment would end “frivolous lawsuits.” Alleged lawyer Sen. Trent Garner invoked the “frivolous lawsuit” claim in an op-ed for the Democrat-Gazette just the other day He can get $5,000 from Hendricks if he can demonstrate where the amendment says anything about that. It also does cap compensatory damages.