CBS has been doing some new reporting on how the Republican Attorneys General Association, led by Arkansas’s Leslie Rutledge, recently held a swanky private soiree with an entrance fee of $125,000 so that corporate interests could cozy up to the state legal officers.

That money creates a huge war chest for the GOP group to spend on other races. And companies get face time with people who might be investigating them. The GOP AGs also gang up to sue all over the country on corporate and GOP agenda issues.


CBS News reviewed 88 donations over $50,000 or more to RAGA and found 46 of those donors had matters under consideration by a state attorney general or had recently settled. Others needed help from the AG community. The NRA, for instance, made a $700,000 donation to RAGA four weeks after the Las Vegas shooting.

It was a six-fold increase from the previous year and came as even some Republicans were calling for new gun control measures. One month later, 24 of the 27 GOP attorneys general wrote a letter urging Congress to pass concealed carry legislation – a top priority for the NRA.

The NRA told CBS News it “did not discuss the letter with RAGA” and gave generously to RAGA simply because the “the NRA supports organizations that work to elect pro-Second Amendment candidates.”

Rutledge wouldn’t talk to CBS about the latest hoedown.

Big pharma is among the groups working on legal officers in both parties. Rutledge, you might remember, has been feuding with cities and counties over their lawsuit to hold drugmakers accountable. She prefers her own course.