Bruce Westerman

U.S. Rep. Bruce Westerman has issued a statement that seems to indicate the Trump administration is going too far in separating children from families seeking asylum in the U.S. PS: A reminder that French Hill lied in a KUAR interview about what’s going on.

Westerman’s statement:

There’s some wiggle room there, but Westerman is exhibiting at least a bit more heart than he showed when he joined others in raising hell about using a remote former Job Corps camp at Royal to house minors who’d entered the country without documents and unaccompanied by adults. Remember that full-bore panic attack?

I’ve been urged to highlight Republican Rep. French Hill’s dishonest statements about the border issue in an interview yesterday with KUAR.


Hill said the law justified Trump’s zero tolerance policy. It does not. It’s a Trump decision. He asserts all are here illegally. That’s not true. It is legal to seek asylum in the U.S. Also::

On claims U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ new “zero tolerance” policy is similar to practices under previous administrations, Hill said:

The Obama administration faced this exact same circumstance back several years ago. This is not a specific issue to one administration. This is a crisis along the border that requires, in my opinion, good law changes.

The Obama administration did not separate children from families, though it did hold families.


U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton suggested that many, maybe most, of the children are shields by criminals to enter the U.S. — unwitting crisis actors in other words. All the research so far indicates that not true. A falsehood. Perhaps a lie.