The full-bore attack on Democratic 2nd District Congress candidate Clarke Tucker of Little Rock, almost five months before the election, gives you some idea of how seriously Republicans take his challenge of U.S. Rep. French Hill, the Republican banker and Trump defender. UPDATE: Some Tucker supporters turned up today, as it happened.

This mailer just went out from U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton’s PAC. The racially tinged images and dishonesty have only just begun. Looks like it’s going to be all immigrants all the time.


UPDATE: Tucker supporters fired back this morning.
Members of the Indivisible movement displayed “Repeal and Replace French Hill” banner on the Main Street bridge and plan an appearance in the afternoon on the Broadway Bridge. Others will hold Repeal and Replace banners in the districts of Republican Reps. Steve Womack and Bruce Westerman.

Key complaints: Hill’s efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act; his lukewarm stance on Trump’s zero-tolerance policy at the border, which has ripped families apart, and opposition to sufficient hurricane relief for Puerto Rico. Said a prepared statement:


“Last October, French Hill was the only Arkansas representative in Congress who voted against giving aid to the US citizens of Puerto Rico, after voting for giving aid to Texas,” said Luci Piña, who joined Indivisible when it formed in response to President Trump’s election. “My father a former National Guard member and my grandfather a 95-year-old WWII U.S. Army veteran were without power for over three months and had no potable water for almost the same. Think about that: Hill denied help to an elderly U.S. Army veteran, one among 3.5 million American citizens. Texas might be right next door, but his vote against Puerto Rico made me feel like Hill doesn’t see my family as Americans.”