New York Times

Since the United States Supreme Court dealt a body blow to the Voting Rights Act, Alabama has led the way in making it harder for poor people (who happen to be disproportionately black and Latino) to vote. Arkansas has done its part, too.

Here are strategies adopted in Alabama to suppress turnout of voters expected to lean Democratic. The article notes that Arkansas has emulated Alabama in two key areas — an onerous voter ID requirement that the Republican-leaning Arkansas Supreme Court now seems inclined to uphold and also voter roll purges under the auspices of Arkansas Republican Secretary of State Mark Martin.


The Times article mentions polling place closures, a reduction in offices that provide identification cards and proof of citizenship laws as among strategies targeting minority voters. Arkansas hasn’t adopted all these — yet. But it has curtailed early voting on Sundays, which had been used by black churches as get-out-the-vote days.