HAPPY DAY: Mitch McConnell was gloating today at tangible reward from his unprecedented blockade of a Supreme Court nominee.

More decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court today that reward the Republican Senate for blocking President Obama’s appointment to a court vacancy for the last year of his presidency, clearing the way for Neal Gorsuch. Anti-abortion in one case. Supporting Trump’s Muslim ban in another.

* ABORTION: In a 5-4 decison, the conservative bloc invalidated California law that required anti-abortion pregnancy centers to make disclosures about state-funded prenatal, family planning and abortion services. The law also requires clinics that offer pregnancy testing and ultrasound to disclose if they don’t have a professional medical staff.

If these be 1st Amendment violations, what of state laws that require speech designed to discourage abortion by medical professionals? I’m guessing the conservatives might view those differently.

* MUSLIM BAN: In another 5-4 split, the court overturned lower courts and upheld Donald Trump’s ban on travelers from certain majority Muslim countries. It has a national security interest sufficient to justify presidential action, the court said. The president’s own anti-Muslim statements don’t support the claim of religious discrimination, the conservatives said.


Dark days continue.