Bad as it has been with him on the court, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Do you think there’s any chance Kennedy elicited some support from conservative colleagues to preserve his history-making rulings on gay rights when he’s gone? Did his 19 occasions of joining 5-4 decisions on a roster of Republican agenda pet projects, five or so in the last two weeks, earn him any dividend?

Or will the small and incomplete work on behalf of equality on sexual and gender identity grounds go in the trash bin with everything else?

Sad day. Very sad day.


Abortion rights are headed to the toilet, too.

But wait: Won’t Mitch McConnell wait until after the mid-term elections before allowing the U.S. Senate to make a decision on his replacement?


His retirement is effective July 31. He took senior status, which means, I think, that he could still be appointed to take cases.