DREAM ON: Permits to cultivate mariijuana in Arkansas are far from final approval. YouTube

The state Medical Marijuana Commission will meet Monday but it will NOT discuss the hotly controversial permit process for marijuana cultivation.

A spokesman for the group, Scott Hardin of the Department of Finance and Administration, said the group will meet at 4 p.m. at ABC offices to discuss dispensary applications. Grading of those had been suspended after a lawsuit challenging scoring of the applicants to grow medical marijuana.


Hardin said the cultivation applications will not be discussed because a Supreme Court decision overturning a lower court’s invalidation of the scoring won’t be final for another week.

Unsolicited advice: I don’t think the Commission needs to receive the Supreme Court order to decide to do the cultivation review process over again. Judge Wendell Griffen invalidated scoring for multiple problems, including possible conflicts of interest. The Supreme Court restored the decision to the Commission. Either way, the Commission could declare that research has shown their scoring was badly flawed and the only way to restore public confidence is to start over. It could hold a lottery. It could assign review to an outside expert group. It should NOT award permits to the top five scorers. For one thing, specific objections are sure to follow and more lawsuits. And properly so.


Perhaps they CAN decide Monday on a better way to proceed on the dispensary permits.

It is a dead-certain cinch that no Arkansan will be alleviating pain with legal medical marijuana by the time the two-year anniversary of voter approval arrives in November.