The Arkansas School Safety Commission released its draft recommendations today to Gov. Asa Hutchinson and they include a recommendation for armed security at every campus.

40/29 reports the 18-member group appointed by the governor also made recommendations on school construction, mental health services and communication with law enforcement agencies.

You can read the full draft here. It talks about a need for increased funding in some areas, though not what the sources might be.

In earlier discussions, members of the commission have said such ideas as armed people on every campus would only be a recommendation, with local districts still retaining autonomy on the decision.


The draft gives these strategies for more security on campus:

● Recruit retired officers as auxiliary officers or commissioned school security officers in Schools (CSSO). The CSSO’s could be volunteers to save money.


● Allocate office space for law enforcement to use during the day.

● Use current or retired officers as substitute teachers.

Schools should collaborate with local law enforcement and seek ways to increase officer traffic on campus.

● Exclude persons who are not psychologically fit for service as a CSSO.