If you doubt Donald Trump has emboldened the nuts, look no farther than a demonstration against his immigration policies over the weekend in Alabama.

During a prayer by an Episcopal priest in Huntsville, a man marched in front of her shouting “womp, womp.” From the Washington Post:


The man was parroting former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who had uttered the same sound on Fox News several days earlier during a discussion about migrant children being seized from their parents at the border. Lewandowski’s sarcastic “womp, womp” revolted many people — but also apparently inspired a certain segment of Trump’s supporters, as the people at Big Spring Park were now discovering.

Eventually, according to the Post account, the man pushed a protester. The protester pushed back. The man hit the ground and out came his gun. He pointed it at the crowd, with phone videos running. Ultimately, he tried to leave without shooting, but police arrested him.


The man’s embrace of ICE, the immigration enforcement agency making many arrests that have led to family separations, happens to have been replicated by a man at Saturday’s rally at the Arkansas Capitol. A man in an ICE T-shirt unnerved many and his photo, shown above, has circulated on social media.