Gwen Combs

Oh, God, yes, please. Please let Sen. Jason Rapert bully the Capitol Police into prosecuting someone for placing a temporary shroud over the Bigelow Bully’s monument to religion on the Capitol grounds. No damage was done by this selective editing of the words below as a 1st Amendment demonstration.

We posted the photo yesterday of a shroud that emphasized that great New Testament commandment: Love thy neighbor.

You’d think Bro. Rapert, his hand ever-extended for greenback love from church congregants, would get warm all over for the highlight of the great charge by Jesus, especially in the context of people showing love for the fugitive and the children tossed on our shores.

I’m joking, of course. Rapert loves himself and his graven images more than the children stripped from their parents. After Gwen Combs, the former Democratic congressional candidate, sent the image to Rapert on Twitter with the comment that someone had “fixed” the monument, he cut loose.


We’ll soon see who’s lawless in the matter of Rapert’s establishment of religion on the Capitol grounds.