Amid all the Trump-related gloom comes word of the sort of resistance that could have an impact on him — from big business.

Vox writes:

The largest business lobbying group in America is declaring war on President Donald Trump’s trade agenda.

The US Chamber of Commerce, an advocacy group that represents more than t3 million American businesses, launched a new campaign on Monday designed to persuade policymakers and the public that the Trump administration’s increasingly aggressive trade policies represent a huge threat to the American economy.

The Chamber released an interactive graphic [illustrated above] that maps out how Trump’s trade conflicts with China, Europe, Canada, and Mexico could affect each state in the country in the coming months. It details how many of each state’s exports to foreign countries are vulnerable to retaliatory tariffs against Trump’s tariffs — and warns that they could cause millions of job losses.

As we’ve written before, Arkansas is one of the state’s most devoted to Trump, but also stands in peril from his trade policy, particularly in agriculture.


Does it matter? Or is it enough that Trump wages war on the black, brown and yellow, along with women’s medical rights and LGBT people?