Late yesterday, the state Department of Human Services sent word to people who receive services from Preferred Family Healthcare, the nonprofit suspended from the state Medicaid and other taxpayer-financed programs because of the bribery scandal involving several of its employees and former legislators.

DHS said on Facebook (it holds fast to its believe that poor Arkansans are fully computer literate with access to the WiFi necessary to receive Facebook downloads, apparently) that it was sending letters to people who receive PFH services.

This letter is being sent to beneficiaries served by Preferred Family Healthcare and affiliated organizations. AFMC will be able to assist beneficiaries who have questions.

We recognize AFMC and state offices are not open tomorrow, as it’s a state holiday, but in the interest of getting information to beneficiaries – we wanted people to know their options.

Beneficiaries are encouraged to reach out on Thursday and other weekdays during business hours. For those in the PASSE, care coordinators are available around the clock. If you know someone affected, please feel free to pass along.

Note this went out after the Arkansas Times began inquiring about PFH’s letter to employees about the expected end of services. Some 700 employees will be affected, but potentially thousands of people in need of mental health services.

The letter:

A member of the PFH staff who’s been keeping us informed about developments questions whether this meets professional standards of service — notice of loss of coverage four days after the fact.

More pointedly, the correspondent writes:

If a client calls our crisis line tonight suicidal, who is their provider?

And if you are in need of services today, July 4? Good luck with that.