A progressive movement in Saline County? Yes. And women are leading it.

A news release from the Progressive Arkansas Women PAC and Saline County Progressives:


The members of Progressive Arkansas Women PAC (PAWPAC) and Saline County Progressives PAC (SCP) have a common goal—to elect more progressives in Arkansas. For PAWPAC that means supporting progressive women candidates across the state while SCP focuses on progressives in Saline County. The two are teaming up at the next SCP meeting to feature progressive women candidates running in Saline County.

The event, happening July 12th at the U.S. Pizza in Bryant, is open to the public—and to all Saline County candidates; however, the meet and greet segment will feature the six local female Democratic candidates, as well as Susan Inman, who is running for Secretary of State:

Melissa Fults for Arkansas Senate, #33
Laura Hanson for JP, Saline Co. #1
Christina Cereghini for JP, Saline Co. #3
Teresa Wright for JP, Saline Co., #6
Tara Hightower Armstrong for JP, Saline County, #7
Cass Henry for JP, Saline Co. #9

Susan Inman, Democratic candidate for Secretary of State, will be there to discuss her candidacy and her exciting “vote by mail” plan.

Saline County Progressives PAC Monthly Meeting
Thursday, July 12th, 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.
U.S Pizza Company, Party Room • 3600 Hwy 5, Bryant, Arkansas 

You can’t run if you can’t win. And just because Saline County is now reviewed as reflexively regressive Republican, it wasn’t long ago that Bryant sent a Democrat, named Shane Broadway, to the Arkansas legislature. There once were no more reliable yellow dogs than the union workers in Saline County’s aluminum industry. Of course, the industries that sustained them are now gone and age has taken many of the old workers.