AT HOME: Michael Reed.

KARK’s Tyler Thomason reported yesterday on an interview in Alma with Michael Tate Reed, the man acquitted by reason of mental disease in destroying the new 10 Commandments monument on the Capitol grounds.

A judge last week, having heard a State Hospital report on successful treatment of Reed, released him to his mother in Alma with the requirement that he receive continuing outpatient treatment.


Thomas visited him in Alma for an interview in which Reed sat below a piece of art bearing the word “Freedom,” which he recorded himself saying as he drove his Dodge Dart into the religious monument. It was the second time Reed had knocked down such a monument, the first was in Oklahoma. There, too, he was diverted to mental health treatment.

He told Thomason he didn’t regret the act.


He says he’s a Christian who supports the Ten Commandments but not when they’re replicated on state capitol grounds.

“I am totally against big government,” Reed says.

“Totally against it.”

Lawsuits challenging the placement of a religious symbol on the Capitol grounds are pending.