SITE VIEW: The Google satellite photo shows CARTI Center under construction. CARTI Way runs in front. The north side of the road in this photo is forested. That's Woodland Heights at top of photo.

An item scheduled for Little Rock City Board consideration indicates CARTI Cancer Center cleared 39 trees without permission along CARTI Way and west of the Woodland Heights Retirement Center and as a result will enter an agreement with the city to replant 45 trees and contribute $63,000 to the city tree fund. Also on City Board agenda: New shopping center on Sears site on University.

Here’s the full explanation of the proposal.

At the request of the applicant, CARTI, the Planning Commission approved a Restoration and Planting Plan for the correction of a land alteration regulation violation on property owned by CARTI located on the north side of CARTI Way and west of Woodland Heights Retirement Center. The violation was for the unpermitted clearing of thirty-nine (39) defined trees and vegetation. Per the TREE Credit Chart, a total of 145 trees are required to be replanted.

To correct the land alteration regulation violation, the Planning Commission approved a Restoration and Planting Plan stating that a six (6)-foot wood privacy fence and
landscape buffer would be installed along the east property line for 150 feet in length and approximately forty-five (45) trees of three (3) to four (4)-inch caliper will be replanted in the cleared area by December 31, 2018. It has been determined the planting of the remaining ninety-seven (97) trees on the property is not obtainable without undue hardship on the responsible party. As part of approved
Restoration Plan, CARTI proposes to make a cash contribute in the amount of $63,334.86 to the TREE Fund for planting of trees within the rights-of-way and on City of Little Rock property within the same area as the subject property as defined by the Section map.

Also coming up on the City Board agenda (it has an agenda meeting Tuesday to set consideration for the following week):


* A redevelopment proposal by a Dallas developer for the vacant Sears property at University Avenue and I-630. Specific tenants have not been announced. A hotel, restaurants and retail are contemplated for what’s being called The District at Midtown.