Another sign that the Arkansas Republican Party is happily becoming the Party of Trump — it is bringing Corey “Womp, womp” Lewandowski and Candace Owens to Arkansas. At least one Arkansas Republican wishes the party would reconsider.

Lewandowski and Owens are to appear at Republican convention events July 20 and 21 in Benton.


Lewandowski is the fired Trump campaign manager (in that role he banned certain members of the press from public events). He was charged with battery of a female reporter in 2016 and accused of touching singer Joy Villa without her consent More recently, he made the now famous sad-trombone sound — “womp, womp” — in response to an account of the travails of a 10-year-old girl with Down syndrome separated from her mother by Trump’s border policy. He’s a dirtbag, in other words.

Candace Owens isn’t quite so famous, but she has Lewandowski-level potential. She’s being trotted out to depict a supposed rise in minority support for Trump — a fictitious campaign parroted by credulous true Trump believers. She got owned the other day in an interview on MSNBC. In addition to defending scandal-ridden  Scott Pruitt:


Owens pushed an astroturfed hashtag, #WalkAway, saying the phenomenon the hashtag supposedly highlights — that Black people “are walking away from the Democratic Party” — is “very real.” The hashtag has been linked to a Russian Twitter campaign. An analysis of the hashtag on Twitter found that it was a “psychological operation” aimed at shaping the conversation in segments just like this one. The hashtag’s spread was driven by non-human activity. Accounts that tweeted their support had used pro-Trump hashtags like #magabefore they “walked away” from the Democratic Party.

She’s been particularly misleading in downplaying impact of police shooting of blacks in the course of defending the Trump racist narrative.

In that facts don’t matter any longer, Owens and Lewandowski will likely be well-received in Benton.


However, there remain Republicans with integrity. After the announcement, Step. Rep. David Meeks, a Republican, commented on Twitter: