Headlines worth revisiting on a slow morning: Breastfeeding and wrestling.

It was much discussed here last night, but it bears repeating that the U.S. brought pressure to bear to force a sponsor, Ecuador, to back off a resolution encouraging breastfeeding. Sellers of infant formula seemed to be valued more highly than infant health by the Trump administration. Not to worry: Russia stepped in to sponsor the measure.

Then there’s Republican red hot Rep. Jim Jordan. Seven former Ohio State wrestlers have now come forward to say Jordan had to know about sexual molestation of wrestlers by the team physicians. He says he didn’t and that’s good enough for the Trump tribe, just as all the women who said Trump was a pussy grabber (as he himself once admitted) must be liars. Bud Cummins, the Trump campaign leader in Arkansas, proudly Tweeted Sunday that a fellow who spent one year as an Ohio State wrestler was sure the accounts damaging to Jordan were politically motivated. I certainly don’t know, but 7 accusers seems like a number supporting further investigation, particularly given how ready Jordan seems to be to investigate people.