TRENT GARNER: "His people" aren't interested in hearing from Moms Demand's viewpoint on gun safety.

I’d like to highlight some happenings at a joint legislative committee meeting yeserday. It was nominally on school safety, but it was in fact a staged glorification of  guns:

As John Moritz reported in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Moms Demand activists were denied an opportunity to speak during a three-hour session by Chair Missy Irvin, though extensive remarks were allowed by tbogus “experts:” whose nonsense was retransmitted by credulous legislators at the meeting.



* The discredited John Lott said universal background checks wouldn’t prevent mass slayings. It’s an irrelevant point. Background checks have, of course, deterred innumerable crimes by denying weapons to would-be criminals. But he’s also wrong on the specific. At least two mass shootings — including Dylan Roof’s slaughter in a black church — could have been avoided by proper execution of background checks. Roof shouldn’t have been sold the gun he used on account of his criminal record.


* Sen. Trent Garner, the gun nut driving the push for more guns in schools (and school resource officers aren’t enough, the “experts” say. We won’t be safe until untold numbers of teachers and staff are packing concealed weapons.) was particularly unreceptive to opposing viewpoints. Some Tweets tell the tale.


Facts didn’t matter much to Garner.

I’m sure Garner’s “people” are with him. But I’m also sure every voter in his district aren’t “his people” on theissue. I hope some of them get in touch.