The Washington Post’s Radley Balko shines national attention on a pending lawsuit over Walnut Ridge police treatment of a man who apparently did nothing wrong.

The officer, Matthew Mercado, who made a dubious stop of Adam Finley is gone. But Prosecutor Henry Boyce of Newport who prosecuted Finley unsuccesfully  is still at work, as is a police sergeant who backed up the dubious arrest and they have no apparent apologies. The police chief moved on after video of the encounter between an officer and Finley became public.

Small-town police stuff. But, Balko suggests, maybe representative of police bullying and rank-closing in many other places. Heroes here include Finley, who kept his cool under extreme police duress shown on the video of a stop of his truck near his job, and some dogged reporting and commentary by Stan Morris of NEA Report and the Jonesboro Sun.

Heckuva story.