MOVING UP: UA System President John Bobbitt makes substantialy more than his predecessor, B. Alan Sugg.

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently released its survey of pay of top public and private university leaders in 2016-17. Donald Bobbitt, president of the University of Arkansas System, checked in at No. 57 on the list of 251 public university leaders.

According to the survey, Bobbitt’s total compensation, counting retirement contributions, was $622,800. Good as it might appear, it’s still well short of pay for a top assistant football coach. But pay has improved at UA. In B. Alan Sugg’s last full year as president, according to Chronicle data, he made $294,953. Bobbitt succeeded him in 2011.

Charles Welch, president of Arkansas State University, was well down the list at $361,054.

Lots of interesting data here, including comparisons with other institutions and some comparisons of each university head with other highly paid campus officials plus a breakdown of official pay versus total insituttion examples. In Bobbitt’s case, the salary comparisons appear to only consider System officers, not campus chancellors, such as UAF’s Joseph Steinmetz, who makes $459,000.


Michael McKinney of the Texas A8M system topped the public list at $1.8 million. Nathan Hatch of Wake Forest led the privates at $4 million.