MIKE LEE: Raps Rutledge on work for disabled.

Mike Lee, the Democratic candidate for attorney general, says Attorney General Leslie Rutledge seems to be siding with financial institutions against the interests of disabled people seeking better access to financial institutions.

Lee notes a letter Rutledge and other Republican attorneys general have written asking for the Justice Department to adopt a clear rule for web access for the disabled. As the letter indicates, there WAS a rule proposed by the Obama administration that Attorney General Jeff Sessions withdrew, along with many others. And the letter writes of lawsuits against banking institutions over poor access for the disabled. She termed them “unnecessary lawsuits” with “questionable legal theories” to exploit financial institutions. These lawsuits are driving up the cost of business, she and others wrote. And she insists “many” businesses are meeting accessibility guidelines with such things as 24-hour phone lines for the visually disabled.


Said Lee in a release:

In the weeks before Christmas, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded more than two dozen ADA guidelines. This has left people with disabilities in a vulnerable place. But Leslie Rutledge is more concerned about protecting special interests than people.She signed a letter urging for new guidelines that would make it easier for credit card websites and online retailers to take advantage of Arkansans with disabilities.

Mike Lee is urging Rutledge to make an about face. Lee is proud to help celebrate the ADA’s 28th anniversary by taking positive action.