Attorney General Leslie Rutledge called The Buzz radio show this morning to announce  she’d given birth Friday to a daughter.

Rutledge had announced in April that she was pregnant and the child was expected in August.


She told the radio show that the child was named Julianna (a guess at spelling) and weighed 5 pounds 15 ounces. She declined to discuss labor details.

She said the baby and her husband Boyce Johnson spent the weekend looking out the window and thinking about Razorback football. Sounds like a Little Rock hospital locale.


UPDATE: A subsequent office news release gives the child’s full name, Julianna Carol Johnson and includes Rutledge’s thanks to staff at UAMS.  The news release noted she was the first constitutional officer to give birth while holding office. About the name:

Julianna Carol is named for her paternal grandmother’s middle name, Ann, and maternal grandmother’s and mother’s middle name, Carol.

Later, she tweeted: