With Jeff Sessions and Lake Hamilton officials talking tomorrow about how more guns in properly trained hands are the ticket to school safety, here’s a good-guys-with-guns story that went awry.

It’s from Aurora, Col. Yes that Aurora. Courtesy of Washington Post.


A woman said an intruder was breaking into her home in the middle of the night.

Officers arrived on scene and heard muffled gunshots from inside the home, sparking bedlam in the east Denver suburb.

Police encountered a man with a gun. The officer shot him, authorities later said in a statement.

Officers then fanned out inside the house searching room to room for any other possible suspects or victims. They discovered a man sprawled on a bathroom floor, shot dead.

At some point, the officers came to a grim realization.

The man in the bathroom was the alleged intruder, who was killed by the man police had just fatally shot in what Police Chief Nick Metz called a “very chaotic and violent” incident.

Is the guy with a gun a good guy? Or a bad guy? It’s not always readily apparent.